Luca Laurenti, also know as Mklane, defines himself as a “multitasker”.

Luca works in the creative industry for a range of international clients in editorial, publishing & fashion trade, like illustrator, graphic designer and art director. Luca get’s inspired from everything around him, and his style is not defined but he can master several of different techniques.
Ink, pen, water colour and pencil are combined with contemporary tools like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create his work.

He constantly develops his ideas, and continues to innovate his design language, in order to create for each customer a tailor made solution.
He is always looking for new projects and challenges to be confronted, totally different from previous ones.


Bang Art, Bastard, Billboard, Busta, Clone, COVER, Destructed, Dif, Dont Panic, Dude Mag, Empty, Fefe, Grab, GQ, Head, KBH, Nada, Newton, NICK, Open Skyes (Fly Emirates magazine), Rap:UP, Rolling Stone, Theme, Tiger, Seattle Metropolitan, Shopper, Sportswear International, Stirato, URB, Urban, Wall Street Journal, XL (La Repubblica)

Carhartt, Design For Peace, Divina Palabras, Dverso, Faire Dodo, Graniph, Impure, Lascivious, Leitmotiv, Mauro Leone, Myboo, Proof 7, Sympathy for the Unusual, Subdued, The Hysterics

Beaverton store, Built Your Own Death, Circolo degli Artisti, Contemporary Standard, Edizioni e/o, Editori Laterza, Europa Editions, Firewater, Hulger, KDU, L’Oreal, Ladri di Carrozzelle, Made In Bunch, Mao Mao Publications, Mekkanografici Associati, Metal Man, Placemaker, Polkadot, Providermag, Snob Production, The Modern Safari, Toy2r, Vintage Market, Webelieveinstyle


Poster Design 2 - Zeixs

The New Wave of Japanese Illustration - Norma Editorial / Panini / Huggin & Munnin / Kana

Master Library, Volume 2: 3000 Animal and Mythology Logos - Logolounge
Semi-Permanent vol. 10 - Design Is Kinky

200 Best Illustrator Worldwide - Lurzer’s Archive
2009 Taschen Calendar - TASCHEN
2009 Taschen Diary - TASCHEN
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52 Aces Playing Card Light Edition - Zeixs
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Brain Twisting
Design For Peace
Flair magazine
Satellite Voices by Dazed&Confused
Scuola di Fumetto
Shopper magazine
TAXI Design
Toca Me


Cut & Paste 09
Winner the Digital Design Tournament in 2D Category
Milan, Italy
Represented Italy in the tournament final @ Hammerstein Ballroom, New York - Usa
Sponsored by 55dsl, Wacom, Adobe, Autodesk

Eulda 06
European competition about the best logotypes in Europe
One of the 365 winner with the project of Dverso logotype + publications in the Eulda 06 book

Quanto Project
International competition about visual arts around the theme of prostitution
One of the winner + publications in the Quanto Project book


Temple University
April 2011 - November 2011 - March 2012
" Who you are "
A series of lectures about my new work - coordination by Katherine Krizek
Rome, Italy

November 2009 - March 2010
" Siamo tutti affamati "
A series of lectures about my work - coordination by Katherine Krizek
Rome, Italy


2econd Birthday
solo exhibition for the second anniversary of the store @ C.A.M Classe Artigiana Monti, Rome

44 Boards
customization of a cake skate label @ Maham Gallery, Ohio

Behance Portfolio Review WEEK #2 "Rome"
collective exhibition @ Caffè Letterario, Rome

illustration for digital windows customization @ Rialto Sant’Ambrogio, Rome

Bunny Qee Fiesta
for the new Bunny Qee by Toy2r, Hong Kong

Expolive project
collective exhibition @ Dodici Pose, Rome

Foodboard live
solo exhibition with Frizzifrizzi + Enologica @ Via con me, Bologna

Gra 3
collective exhibition @ Caffè Letterario, Rome

Hype Gallery
international poster exhibition by HP @ Cafee Moskeau, Berlin

collective exhibition @ Frammenti festival, Frascati (Rome)
collective exhibition @ I Castelli Animati, Genzano (Rome)

If You Could 2
collective exhibition @ Exposure Gallery, London

Ink 01
selected for the collective exhibition @ Bilbao

I've just seen a face
solo exhibition @ Spazioxygene, Rome

Lo Spremiagrumi Temporary 10 Store
collective exhibition @ Treebar, Rome

P.A.P.E.R n°1
collective exhibition @ Circolo degli Artisti, Rome

P.A.P.E.R n°2
collective exhibition @ Circolo degli Artisti, Rome

collective exhibition @ Rome

collective exhibition curated by Melanie Feindt @ Sunshine Studio, Tokyo

Quanto Project
exhibition only for the winners of the project @ Venice

Studio Pretzel ss14
exhibition + live art for Studio Pretzel collection preview @ Bjork Store, Florence

solo exhibition for the store opening @ Rome

T-Shirt Party 1 by The Hysterics
tees customization @ Circolo degli Artisti, Rome

T-Shirt Party 2 by The Hysterics
tees customization @ Circolo degli Artisti, Rome

T-Shirt Party 3 by The Hysterics
tees customization @ Circolo degli Artisti, Rome

This is Rome 2012
collective exhibition @ Palazzo Incontro, Rome

U-Skill - "il mondo e le cose"
collective exhibition @ Spazioespanso gallery, Rome

Vibra 08
collective exhibition by Fabrik Project @ Xalapa, Mexico

We are the beast
exhibition by Bang Art magazine for " The Road to contemporary art " show @ MACRO Testaccio, Rome

exhibition by PIG magazine @ Strychnin Gallery, London